I believe in the power of design. Designs with change in mind to move audiences, and motivate action. I provide creative solutions that reflect my design philosophy's multicultural approach.

My experiences are as multifaceted as the services I offer. I enjoy creating visually impactful logos, icons, symbols, banners, displays, package designs, posters, brochures, book design and everything else under the creative umbrella.

Whether print or digital design, I like to utilize traditional techniques and new media technology to problem solve trend emerging solutions that not only inform, but also reach out to diverse audience.

I <3 traveling, reading, writing, art making, hiking, existential discussion...
Graphic & Web Design, Typography, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Design Research, Curatorial

According to Scott Santoro in Guide to Graphic Design,
chapter "The You in Your Work"

The fact that someplace or thing might feed your work is, in effect, acknowledging connections with your larger culture, community, and environment. A good example of this dynamic is a visual series on the impact of the Iraq war by Maria Uroos. She felt the need to create a visual dialogue about the changes in life, culture, and religion that she saw there. Her tools include text and image, metaphors and analogies, elements and principles. All convey thoughts about the region where she lived, fleshed out into a form that is meant to extend conversations. Each piece begins with her.


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